Whether you have just turned 18 or are over 80, we have a variety of Sunday morning classes, Bible studies, and groups that will help you grow in your faith and develop meaningful Christian relationships.

In addition to the ongoing opportunities listed here, a number of short-term classes and studies are offered throughout the year.


Connections Class

Ages 30s – 50sconnections class

Meets Sundays at 10:00 am in Room 102

Class Leaders: Josh & Jen Hurley

Teacher: Jen Hurley

Format: video-based discussion class which is very relaxed and open


Travelers Class

Ages 30+travelers class

Meets Sundays 9:55 am in Room 305

Class Leaders: Stan and Maggie Tennant

Teachers: shared by all class members

Format: Discussion group (approx. 50 minutes) on a variety of thought-provoking subjects, including book studies, video discussion,etc. all with personal growth in mind.


Willing Workers Class

Ages 60s – 80 +willing workers class

Meets Sundays 9:45 am – 10:35 am in Room 304

Class Leaders: Sue Sawyer and Betty Edwards

Teacher: Sue Sawyer

Format: Discussion, based on the International Sunday School series


Ladies Class

Senior Adult Women

Meets Sundays 9:50 – 10:35 am in Room 202

Class Leader: Norma Cole, Peggy Jessup (ass’t)

Teacher: Norma Cole

Format: Lecture and discussion with some singing, based on the International Sunday School series

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