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Our library might well be one of Morehead’s best-kept secrets! We have a grand selection of choice books, small though our library may be. As we do some reorganizing, we plan to make available is a catalog of all our reading material. You will, for example, be able to search our catalog by book title, author/editor, and/or theme/synopsis. It is in an “Excel” format. (This is a “work in progress.” The first section can be accessed now.) There is a hard copy of this catalog in the library as well.

We have some outstanding books in the following classifications: Bibles, Bible Commentaries, Billy Graham – by and about, Counseling (Biblical), Doctrine (Biblical), Healing/Wholeness/Health & Nutrition, Marriage and Family, Prayer & Devotion, Biography, Biblical People, Christ/Church, Leadership, Theologians – Contemporary, Theologians – Of Old, Evangelism/Missions, Youth Ministry, Life Guide and Master Series, Ministering/Worshipping, Group Studies, Periodicals, Poetry, Fiction/Leisure, CD/DVD and cassette tapes.

The library’s reference materials are an excellent resource to do some in-depth bible study, research a question that has been on your mind, or read some of the classics of theological literature [Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis], etc. Choose a contemporary book that you want to read, but really don’t want to purchase. Try out some of the books on tape, or CD’s. There is something for everyone.

We have a small, dedicated volunteer staff and have no idea when we will complete this reorganizing. In the meantime, do stop in and browse. You will be impressed. This is just one of the ways we can all grow in the knowledge of our Lord and His Church. Check out something of interest. (The checkout sheets are on a clipboard (beneath the window.) Also, if you have some books or other items that you think are appropriate for the church library, we will gladly accept your donations. We thank everyone who has contributed to the library.

Myrle Jessup, Librarian

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