We are pleased to offer two Sunday morning worship services, giving you a choice in worshipping at a time and in a style that best suits you.  You’ll still encounter Morehead’s legendary hospitality and feel warmly welcomed in either service.  Both services include a time for children and the same message from our pastor.sanctuary 06


Sunday at 9:00 am – Informal/Contemporary Worship in the Fellowship Hall

AJ preaching 01A relaxed atmosphere and contemporary music are the hallmarks of our 9:00 am Sunday worship service.  Newer styles of music carry forward the timeless message of God’s love in fresh and accessible ways.  The talented Morehead Messengers band – with guitars, electric bass, and drums – leads the music in this 45-minute service.  The pastor and other worshipers are typically dressed casually in this service, and Holy Communion is celebrated the first Sunday of every month.


Sunday at 11:00 am – Traditional Worship in the Sanctuary 

Traditional Processional“Warm traditional” best describes the atmosphere of our 11:00 am Sunday worship service.  Time-honored styles of worship and music that have nurtured Christians for centuries are celebrated in ways that give them new life and meaning for a new generation.  Piano and organ accompaniment set the stage for music leadership by our gifted Chancel Choir in this hour-long service.  The pastor typically wears formal vestments (ie: a robe) in this service, and Holy Communion is celebrated the first Sunday of every month.




Wednesdays from 5:30 – 6:00 pm

Prayer and Communion in the SanctuaryCommunion in atrium

This quiet, reflective time in the middle of the week has been described as a deep breath of God’s grace in a hectic world.  Time for silence and reflection brackets meaningful liturgy, heartfelt prayers, and the weekly celebration of Holy Communion. You may find this half hour to be exactly what you needed in the middle of your week.









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